July Highlights

I don't blog enough more than I should. So I am hoping to start doing it more! (I say this every two months anyways haha) 

July was a busy one for me, so thought I would run it down into a few highlights. 

Started the month off by doing some photoshoots with the guys in Clay and Faers. My first time working with animals and also with smoke bombs, so it was good to start the month off by learning some new skills. 

Iv recently got involved with a community called Spoken Word London, there is more of my images of that in the projects section of my website. It is this fantastic poetry night that is on twice a month called Spoken Word London. It is quite possibly the most stressful thing I have ever shot as a photographer, because its not live music, and you have to respect the reader. Which limits me to the amount of shots I can take, with the shutter being so loud. It requires a lot of thought processing when it comes to getting say 3-5 shots of one person over five minutes. 

Hanged out with the Wake Up Leo lads at Dublin Castle, and also got to finally catch the band SONS live. 

Vicars Picnic with the Glass Peaks boys, which had an amazing turn out compared to last year's event. Clearly a festival on its way up. 

Photoshoot with the Shanghai Blues lads, which was planned last minute but we abled to smash it out along with a few beers one Saturday night. 

Citadel Festival, by this point I was on day four of shooting with my camera and my body hated me. I have mixed feelings about the festival, the main stage performances were a bit of a wash out for me, however the smaller stages bloomed for me personally. Yonaka being the best performance at the festival, hands down. 

Had a small break, and then shot Little Sims at Koko, she brought such a huge amount of energy to her performance, and was a complete delight to shoot! 

Finished off my month by hanging with Faers and Glass Peaks at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen where they both played a show for Close Up Promotions. 

Safe to say, all in all a busy month. Starting August by having a week off, before all the tours start kicking off.