Girli - Dingwalls - 16/11/2017

It proper went off tonight but here is the calm before the storm. 

Couple of portraits of Girli at Dingwalls



Her live show was absolutely mental! Sold out crowd at Dingwalls. Crowd surfing! Insane crowd! 


Slotface going mental in Camden


The first time I shot Slotface was well over a year ago, when they headlined Club NME at Koko, and I had. to deal with a crowd surfing lead singer. Now here they are selling out god knows how many dates on their recent UK tour. 

It is always great when you see a band grow over time into something awesome


The cuties Diet Cig

How can you watch Diet Cig and no be happy?!?! 


Too much energy comes off them.



Managed to grab them for a few polaroids too before their set! 


Spoken Word London

I have been shooting Spoken Word London now for about 3 months, and it is by far one of the most interesting things I have got involved with when it comes to my camera


Tom Grennan at Koko

Last time I saw this guy was when he supported Barns Courtney at Borderline in 2016, before it all blew up for him, it was literally him and his guitar. Nothing else. 


Selling out Koko in a damn fine coat...

Sold Out Old Blue Last

The Old Blue Last is always a tricky venue to shoot in, so when it has a gig that sells out, it certainly gets interesting. 

But you just have to hold your ground and get on with it really

Charly Bliss, I've been a fan of for a while, and their live show is exactly what I expected! 


Fallen in love with Bryde

I shot Banfi at the Lexington, a sold out London show on their UK tour, but ended up leaving the venue more in love with their support more than anything

Bryde's voice took my breath away, reminded me Julien Baker. 


Fallen in love with Grime

I know that grime is quite hip and the cool genre to like these days. So I won't lie, when I say that when I listen to it, I'm not entirely sure what is going on. 


However from a photographer's perspective, it is by far on the most fun genres to shoot. I caught Vince Stables, who played to a sold out crowd with a huge orange back drop and used an iPod for his back track. 

Gotta give it to him! 



Against the Current & Sainte

Got asked to shoot a very very sold out shot at Borderline by Rocksound the other night. Against the Current, the last time I shot them was at Koko. 
So when I arrived the queue was around the corner! 


Scala roof top

Got given permission to shoot some polaroids of Grouplove on top of Scala's roof top, which has an amazing view of Kings Cross! 



Rocksteadying with Glass Peaks

The Rocksteady in Dalston I always find an usual place. The first time I was, I fell through the fire exit behind the stage in order to avoid Jake Cox of Glass Peaks as he went mental with his guitar. 

So it seemed I was bound to return there again with them 

Shot a few portraits around the area near the venue, Dalston is always a fun location for doing photo shoots. 



The new material these guys are writing have got a good Queens on the Stone Age vibe to them! 


The mental characters that are Charmpit

Got asked to go photograph Charmpit by London in Stereo, so heading to Nunhead in South London, which isn't far from New Cross. So its a strange place to start with. 

But then I met Charmpit, who were almost like cartoon characters! Filled with so much energy, which you don't get in people these days, so it was refreshingly easier photoshoot with them


The Potentials were supporting them, who a Buffy the Vampire slayer themed band! I've not seem them play in maybe over a year, but since them their live performance has got dirty. Such a major improvement, they were a good band to start with, but this time it was like, WOAH! 





Rain supported Muskets, they were insanely tight sounding and loud! 

Loved their music!